Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dairy Sheep Shelters

In general, adult sheep can cope with many types of weather thanks to their insulating wool. Sheep do best living outside on pasture rather than confined inside a stuffy barn that could be filled with ammonia fumes and pathogens. However, sheep also benefit from having a place to take shelter from inclement weather ranging from rain, wind, heat and direct sun. Lambs can become easily chilled during foul weather. Shelter can be open or closed and provide protection against predators as well. The sided shelters with a small area set=up as a lambing pen are really handy. At Karras Farm we find that shielding the animals from Northern wind is important. Proper ventilation is critical and it's preferably high up to prevent low drafts particularly with lambs. lastly, be sure to have clean, dry bedding to promote a disease free environment.

God bless our Veterans and our wonderful sheep!

Andy Karras
Karras Farm

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