Monday, March 25, 2013

Constipation in Lambs - Dairy Sheep Constipation

A constipated lamb usually stands rather humped up, looking uncomfortable with no signs of droppings or a few very hard ones. Sometimes the lamb will grind its teeth and if the condition worsens the lamb may enter into convulsions or die without proper medication.  Administer two tablespoons mineral oil for a small lamb under two weeks old. For lambs over one month old, give ¼ to ½ cup of mineral oil.

There is an external kind of stoppage that is fairly common in very young lambs, usually under a week old. The feces collect and dry into a mass under the tail plugging up the lamb. If not noticed or corrected the lamb will die. Be sure to clean off any visible mass with a warm damp rag, disinfect the area if irritated and lightly apply mineral oil to prevent feces from sticking. Check all lambs on a regular basis. This is another good reason to keep ewes with newborn lambs in a separate pen for the first 3-4 days allowing for easy inspection.
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Friday, March 8, 2013

East Friesian Sheep For Sale - Assaf Sheep For Sale

Karras Farm is now taking deposits for East Friesian Sheep and Assaf F1Sheep.

Karras Farm offers some of the very best dairy sheep genetics available in the United States. Over many years of cultivating highly sought after dairy sheep characteristics, Karras Farm has become a leading provider of dairy sheep in the United States.

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Andy Karras - Owner