Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Catching Sheep

There are situations in which you need to catch an individual sheep. If you don't have a handling system to assist you , you can use gates and panels to make a small catch pen. You should make the pen small enough that you don't have to chase the sheep. This will prevent any unnecessary stress for the sheep and you! Always approach sheep calm and slowly. Cup your hand under the jaw, not the throat. Point the sheep head up, you will be able to stop its forward motion. If you keep the sheep head up you can maintain control of it. Sheep have much more power when the head is down. If you cannot get close enough to grab the sheep under the jaw then reach for a hind leg or rear flank. Reach for the hind leg above the hock, then move you other hand up to control the head asap. Adult sheep are able to kick with power so this method works best for young lambs. You should never catch a sheep by the wool. This is painful, stressful and can cause bruising to their carcass.

Hope the start of breeding season is going well for all of you!

Andy Karras
Karras Farm

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